Education Dialogues

We seek to help you avoid approaching education and learning from a point of “Something will come up along the way”

Why Education dialogues?

“Curriculum reforms will focus on providing education and training that guarantees opportunities for our young people, not only here in Kenya, but also globally. We need education that is practical and hands on. Education which nurtures creativity and innovation. Let us work together and arm our children with skills and nurture the talents that God has given them.”
President Uhuru Kenyatta, during the launch of CBC.

Every parent or guardian desires to use education to help his or her child to get quality life through employment and earning a livelihood. However, lack of information on the opportunities and resources available causes a lot of students in different stages to lose track and end up in undesired careers or unemployment.

Our Aim

Education Dialogues is a platform that seeks to provide holistic information on education in Kenya. The platform will cover pre-primary, primary, secondary and tertiary education sectors in Kenya.

It will also link parents to resources that make educating children at different levels easier.
Stakeholders in education will also find resources that make management of learning institutions efficient and cost effective.

Education Dialogues will also cover the needs of parents, teachers, and stakeholders who wish to explore education opportunities abroad.

After education, learners will want to pursue a career. Education Dialogues will highlight different career opportunities and how education can help you make it in these careers.

Education Dialogues seeks to help you avoid approaching education and learning from a point of “Something will come up along the way”. Rather, you can chat a career path that guarantees certainty over the career you wish to pursue.
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