002 Kwale County

Kwale County is one of the untapped study destinations in Kenya. It is mostly rural but has some of the best infrastructure considering that it is a major tourist attraction. It hosts some of the major towns like Kwale, Ukunda, Msambweni, Kinango, and Lunga Lunga. It is also home to Ukunda Airport, one of the busiest airports at the Kenyan Coast.

Kwale is also home to the world famous Diani Beach. Life for a student is affordable with numerous opportunities for business and part-time employment in the tourist hotels in the area. Diani is also one of the fastest growing areas in the Kenyan Coastal region, giving you a chance to be part of the growth. If you would like to experience an easy, warm, affordable, and welcoming environment to study, Kwale County is the place to be.

Here are the leading TVET accredited colleges in Kwale County.

Ukunda Commercial College

Step Up Beauty House and College

Kwale Institute of Business Studies

Kenya Medical Training College Kwale Campus

Kenya School of Integrated Medicine – Kwale

Kenia School of Homeopathy – Kwale

Visit Kwale County and enjoy the most relaxing learning environment.

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