003 Kilifi County

Kilifi County is located 56 km Northeast of Mombasa County in the Kenyan Coast. The county takes you away from the busy Mombasa City without denying you the much desired tourism facilities. It is a quiet town for students looking for a calm learning environment. It is also one of the most affordable counties to live at the coast, especially for students on a budget.

The colleges in the county target locals and students coming from other parts of the country. The colleges specialize in tourism, business, technology, and marine courses. Your weekends will involve traveling to some of the best beaches in Africa like Watamu with its beautiful white sands. It is cheap to study in Kilifi with numerous opportunities to work part-time in hotels, businesses, and other tourist attractions in Kilifi County.

Gede Vocational Training Centre

Indian Ocean Maritime Training Center

Jilore Vocational training Centre

Kilifi College of Accountancy

Mapimo Vocational Training Center

Mariakani Vocational Education and Training Centre

North Coast Institute of Professional studies

North Coast Medical Training College

Godoma Technical Training Institute

Kenya Medical Training College

Kilifi Institute of Business Studies

Malindi Institute of Business Studies

Pwani Training Institute – Kilifi

ACK St. Thomas Ufanisi Training Center – Kilifi

Keiway Mining and Technology College– Kilifi

Visit Kilifi County for the most relaxing learning environment and work opportunities after school.

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