005 Lamu County

Lamu County is found in Kenya’s north coast. It is one of the six coastal counties in Kenya. It boarders Somali to the north and the Indian Ocean to the east. Inland, its neighbors are Garissa and Tana River Counties.

Lamu is one of the most significant port towns in Kenya. It is also a part of Kenya’s historical interaction with the rest of the world. The people living in Lamu include Ormas, Boni, Swahili, Kikuyu, and Arabs. Koreni people are also a substantial population, among other inhabitants. Some of the major towns in Lamu county include Amu, Faza, Hindi, Witu, Mpeketoni, Kiunga, and Kizingitini.

Lamu county provides decent infrastructure like roads, electricity, and internet connectivity to support learning. The towns have decent houses to support students learning in the colleges in Lamu County. Further, these rural towns provide adequate affordable food to suit the budget of an ordinary student.

Weekends and holidays in Lamu County are the most relaxing. The county sits on the shores of the Indian Ocean, providing some of the most natural white sandy beaches. Lamu Museum, Lamu Fort, and Lamu Town are breathtaking attractions. You can take boat rides or swim on the beaches all year round. Lamu Old Town is a site to behold. Away from the beaches and town is Dondori National Park, Shela Town, Matondoni Village, and Takwa Ruins. Pate Island is also a rewarding destination for tourists visiting Lamu County. Shanga Ruins and Kiunga Marine National Reserve will also offer value.

Here are the colleges found in Lamu County.

Kenya Medical Training College Lamu

Technical University of Mombasa, Lamu Campus


Visit Lamu County and enjoy the most relaxing learning experience.

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