006 Taita Taveta County

Taita Taveta County is located approximately 140km northwest of Mombasa in Kenya. It is also a gateway to Tanzania through the Taita Taveta boarder port. Some of the major towns in Taita Taveta County include Voi, Wundanyi, Mwatate, and Taveta.

The main economic activities in Taita Taveta County are estate farming- dominated by sisal, mining, and wildlife tourism. Some of the most popular attractions in Taita Taveta County include Shetani  Lava Flow, Taita Hills, Tsavo National Reserve, Mzima Springs, Mudanda Rock, Lake Chala, Lake Jipe, and Shomoto Hill. Yatta Plateau, Lugard Falls, Kisingau Mountain, and Aruba Dam are also in Taita Taveta County. The world-famous Salt Lick Lodge is also located in Taita Taveta County.

Taita Taveta County is favorable for students because of the cost of living, top class colleges and universities, and a conducive relaxing environment. Here are some of the best institutions in Taita Taveta County.

Tsavo Institute of Technology

Kenya Institute of Professional Counseling

Bungule Vocational Training Center

Mwachaza Vocational Training Center

 Mwajila Vocational Training Center

Visit Taita Taveta County and enjoy the most rewarding college experience in Kenya.

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