008 Wajir County

Wajir is located in the northeastern region of Kenya. It boarders Ethiopia to the north and Mandera County to the north east. It borders Somalia to the east and Garissa County to the south. It is a relatively flat county with seasonal swamps and occasional floods. Some of the popular towns include Habaswein, Eldas, Bute, and Buna. Some of the economic activities in Wajir include limestone mining, pastoralism, and tourism.

Wajir County has one of the most diverse climatic conditions, though most of the regions are ASAL. The towns have adequate facilities to facility intense education. Life is also affordable with welcoming locals allowing you to enjoy your college experience.

Some of the recreation amenities in Wajir county include Sera Conservancy that has Surani Rhino and Tumot Campsite along a sandy riverbank. Herbaswein area will also usher you into Chalbi Desert, a place that gives you a similar experience to the Dubai Sand Dunes.

Here are the colleges in Wajir County

Wajir Teachers Training College

Kenya Institute of Professional Counseling

Acheivers Protech College

Nuria College

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