012 Meru County

Meru County is located on the slopes of Mt. Kenya. It sits on the leeward side, giving it one of the best climatic conditions. While it is sloppy, it has rivers running across in every ridge. It is one of the greenest and most productive counties in Kenya.

With a population of about 1.5 million people, it is a welcoming home for students who wish to pursue education. Its agricultural potential as well as a mix of rural and urban setting makes life extremely affordable. It is also a stop-over for tourists visiting Mt. Kenya. This gives the town a cosmopolitan outlook.

The outskirt towns are adequately connected with all-weather roads, allowing students to live in affordable houses. With proximity to Mt. Kenya, you are exciting excursion activities over the weekend to break the monotony of being in class.

Study in Meru County and enjoy the best college experience.

Kenya Medical Training College

Sacred Lake Institute of Technology

United Africa College

Karumo Technical Training Institute

Kiirua Technical Training Institute

Meru National Polytechnic

Mitunguu Technical Training Institute

Mukiria Technical Training Institute

Nkabune Technical Training Institute

Sipet College

Meru Institute of Business Studies

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