013 Tharaka Nithi County

Tharaka Nithi County is found on the slopes of Mt. Kenya. Part of the county is green and productive, allowing the locals to grow coffee, tea, and other subsistence crops. It also allows livestock keeping with cattle and goat being predominant.

Tharaka Nithi is served by a network of all-weather roads, allowing you to connect to all major towns in the county. The locals are hospitable with all the amenities you would desire in the major cities like internet, banking, hospitality, and entertainment sports. The towns are cosmopolitan, allowing students from all parts of the country to enjoy their college experience. Life is affordable in the towns that host the colleges in Tharaka Nithi.

Some of the activities to enjoy in Tharaka Nithi include hiking Mt. Kenya, a trip to Mutenjwa National Park, and the Elephant Maternity at Gaketha in Mt. Kenya. You will also enjoy local drumists, and traditional singers in entertainment joints. It is one of the culturally-rich counties in Kenya. Visit Matunguruni village to see the tallest tree in Africa rising to 80 meters. The tree is believed to be more than 200 years old. If you love water, you will enjoy a trip to Kibuka falls as well as water rafting along the numerous rivers in Tharaka Nithi County.

Enroll in colleges in Tharaka Nithi County and enjoy the best college experience in Kenya.

Detra College Chuka

Muthambi Youth Polytechnic

PCEA, Chogoria Hospital Clive Irvine College of Nursing

Chuka Technical and Vocational College Chuka Institute of Business Studies

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