014 Embu County

Embu is one of the largest metropolitan towns in Kenya, having been a capital of the former Eastern Province. It is a largely agricultural county along the Nairobi Meru Highway. It is an agricultural county with both arid and semi-arid areas. The locals grow coffee and tea as their main cash crops. They also grow maize, beans, cowpeas, bananas, and sorghum. The dry areas are perfect for fruit cultivation.

The country is crisscrossed by some of the largest perennial rivers in the region. They provide the resources needed for irrigation agriculture. The rivers also host some of the dams that supply power to the country. They include Kiambere, Masinga, Kindaruma, and Masinga. The county also hosts the Mwea National Reserve and part of Mt. Kenya National Reserve with such wildlife as the Columbus monkeys, bush bucks, lions, buffaloes, and elephants, among others. They offer attractive tourism destinations students who want to relax during the weekend. Other attractions are Nthenge Njeru Waterfalls, prehistoric caves, and rocky hills for mountain climbers. Such attractions provide the best weekend experience for students after a tough week in class.

Life in the satellite towns of Embu County is affordable. These towns provide all the amenities you would require to successfully complete your studies. The county has a decent road network to get you to any desired location.

Enroll to study in colleges in Embu County and enjoy the best college experience.

Jeremiah Nyagah Technical Institute

Embu College

Ena Vocational Training College

Don Bosco Embu Technical Institute

Intraglobal Training Institute

Kenya School of Government Embu

Kenya Medical Training College, Embu

St. Marks Teachers College, Kigari

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