016 Machakos County

Machakos County is one of the largest metropolitan towns in Kenya. It is found along the Nairobi-Mombasa Highway. It also links you to Makueni, and Kitui. Some of the largest towns in Machakos County include Matuu, Matungulu, Mwala, Ndithini, Masinga, Kalama, Kangundo, Masaku, and Mavoko. It is one of the counties that are urbanizing at the highest rate.

Machakos County is famous small scale agriculture which involves drought resistant crops. They include sorghum, beans, fruits, and vegetables. It is also attracting a lot of settlers escaping the expensive Nairobi County. The county is also expected to host Kenya’s future technopolis called Konza City.

Machakos has one of the best road networks to enable you to access urban areas. It is also adequately covered with internet connectivity, enabling online learning and research. Life in the semi-urban Machakos County is affordable, giving you an exciting college experience. The weather is slightly hot throughout the year.

Some of the tourist attractions in Machakos county include the Nairobi National Park, Machakos Peoples Park, Ol Donyo Sambuk National Park, Kilimambogo, Maazoni Santuary, Iveti forest, Lukenya Caves, Kwamwili Magical Corner, Masinga Dam, Kivungoni Springs, and the African Heritage House. These attractions provide excellent ideas for weekend excursions to unwind after a long week in class. Machakos County is one of the most rewarding places to spend your youthful years and create beautiful memories.

Here are some of the best colleges in Machakos County.

St. John Teachers Training College, Kilimambogo

Machakos Medical and Technical Training College

Uwezo College Machakos

Africa Institute of Health and Development

Baraka Technical College

Catholic Technical Training Institute

Central Park College

Eastern Kenya Integrated College

Katine Technical Training Institute

Machakos Institute of Technology

Mutisya Technical Training Institute

NYS Yatta School of Agriculture

Rural Aid Kenya Training Institute

Tala School of Management

KMTC Manza Campus

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