023 Turkana County

Turkana County sits at the Northwest edge of the country. It is the largest county in kenya by landmass. It boarders South Sudan, Uganda, and Ethiopia. It also boarders West Pokot, Samburu, and Baringo counties, though Marsabit County sits on the opposite side of Lake Turkana. The largest town and its headquarters is Lodwar.

Being in the arid and semi-arid region of the country, the main economic activities in the county are animal husbandry. The limited rainfall in the area has also necessitated several irrigation schemes in the area to provide food. It is also prospected to provide Kenya with oil and gold, among other natural resources. Turkana also hosts significant historical sites like the Kalokol Pillar Site and Narikotome- where the Turkana Boy was discovered. Lomekwi is also considered the site of the earliest Stone-Age industries.

Devolution has accelerated the development of many of the towns in Turkana County. Mineral exploration and attention to historical sites have also led to significant development in the area. This has led to improvements in such infrastructure as roads, electricity, and internet connectivity. Such developments prepare one of the best environments for students to learn. It is a perfect place for students who want to focus on studying instead of the distractions of urban life.

Some of the best places to visit over weekends in Turkana County include Central Island National Park, Eliye Springs Beaches, South Turkana National Reserve, and Ferguson Gulf. Lokori Standing Stones, Nariokotome Turkana Boy Monument, Kapedo Hot Water Falls, and Lobolo Swamp are the other exciting places to visit in Turkana County. Lake Turkana is also a valuable place to be for boat riding, fishing, and cultural experiences. It is the largest alkaline desert lake in the world. You can also experience a part of history by visiting the Kenyatta House Museum. The trip to Turkana is also a rewarding experience.

Here are some of the best colleges in Turkana County.

Kenya Medical Training College- Lodwar Campus

Turkana University College

Don Bosco Turkana Institute

Clare of Assisi Training Institute

Visit Turkan County and enjoy the best learning experience.

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