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Samburu County is found in the northern part of Kenya in the former rift valley region. It counts among the ASAL counties but remains among the most breathtaking. The county is tucked among Marsabit, Isiolo, Turkana, Baringo, and Laikipia. You access the county through the Nyahururu-Rumuruti-Mararal-Baragoi A4 road.

Samburu is known for livestock rearing. In the recent years, it has received significant economic development from county and national government with roads, electricity, and internet. The major towns in the county include Mararal, Wamba, Archers Post, and Baragoi. It is a cosmopolitan county inhabited by Meru, Pokot, Samburu, Rendile, and Borana. On the southern tip is the Wuaso Ng’iro River and Lake Turkana on the northern edge.

Rapid economic development has attracted more investors to the county. More towns are also springing along the route with banks, hotels, and telecommunication infrastructure. The cost of living is still low and favorable to students because of the low population. The main economic activity in the county is animal rearing with a few regions offering maize and other cereal crops. The ranches in Samburu are also producing a lot of milk for local and international consumption.

The inhabitants of Samburu county are famous for preserving their culture. This has made the region one of the most attractive tourism destinations. Some of the places to visit in Samburu include the Samburu National Reserve, Shaba National Game Reserve, Kalama Conservancy, Reteti Elephant Sanctuary, Sera Rhino Sanctuary, and Maralal National Sanctuary. Ndoto Mountains are also a rewarding place to visit alongside Loroghi Hills, Kirisia Forest, and the Kenyatta House. From Maralal, you can also visit many other tourism attractions in the neighboring counties. These tourist attractions in Samburu help you to relax over the weekend and during holidays after a tough season in class. Samburu will give you the best college experience away from the expensive and harsh town living in many other counties.

Here are some of the best colleges in Samburu County.

Laikipia University, Maralal Campus

Samburu Teachers Training College

Samburu Technical

Saint John’s Training College

Consolata Hospital Wamba Nursing College

Visit Samburu County to enjoy the affordable and serene learning environment.

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