038 Vihiga County

Vihiga County is found in the western region of Kenya. The county boarders Nandi, Kisumu, Siaya, and Kakamega Counties. It is home to Musalia Mudavadi, Kenya’s 7th Vice President and the current Prime Cabinet Secretary.

The largest town and the administrative center for the county is Mbale. Other major towns in Vihiga County include Luanda, Mundete, Chavakali, Maseno, Serem, Jeptulu, Malengo, Kilingili, and Jebrock. The county also connects to her neighbors seamlessly, allowing free movement for trade, education, and other economic activities.

Vihiga is an agricultural county. Some of the crops you will find in the county include maize, tea, cassava, millet, and other cereals. There are cottage industries in Vihiga alongside mining, quarrying, livestock, and fish farming. Vihiga is also a central point for traders from the neighboring region.

The towns in Vihiga county provide a conducive environment for students in different grades to study. They are connected through roads and supplied with electricity as well as internet connectivity. Accommodation facilities are decent for college students to enjoy the best experience.

Vihiga county has a lot of tourism attractions to create the best memories and occupy your weekends as well as holidays. Mungoma Caves are considered the cradle of the Maragoli People, offering a history lesson and pilgrimage visit to the place where the Maragoli met their God. The Maragoli Hills are adjacent to the caves, giving you the most rewarding double experience. It is a perfect place for hikers and bird watchers.

Kaimosi Forest with its indigenous plant species will arthropods and birds will help you to relax after a long week or semester. These are memorable places for team building, adventure, and picnics. Kibiri Forest will also help you to learn more about the Tiriki and their culture through the preserved natural forest. Nganyi Hills are home to the local rainmaker and a perfect hiking spot. Bunyore Hills offer a scenic experience for visitors with rocks spread all over. From Vihiga, you can visit other tourism attractions in the western circuit, giving you a rewarding experience.

Here are some of the best colleges in Vihiga County.

Western Institute of Professional

Friends College Kaimosi Institute of Technology

Maseno School of Nursing

Maseno Youth Polytechnic

Bunyore Youth Training and Academic Institute

Sabatia Technical and Vocational College

Vihiga College of Business and Technical Training

Visit Vihiga County and enjoy a memorable college experience by studying in some of the best institutions in the country and county.

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