039 Bungoma County

Bungoma County is one of the most fertile counties in the western region. It sits at the foot of Mt. Elgon, one of the most agriculturally rich areas in the country. Its neighbors include Uganda to the West. It boarders Trans Nzoia, Kakamega, and Busia Counties on the inland.

The largest town in Bungoma County is Bungoma, which also serves as the administrative capital. Other major towns in Bungoma include Kanduyi, Bumula, Sirisia, Kimilili, Tongaren, and Chwele. The high population and connectivity to neighboring counties makes the towns attractive for some of the leading educational institutions. The towns have decent water, electricity, and road infrastructure to facilitate seamless learning. They are also connected to the internet, making it easier for students to learn.

Bungoma is a rich agricultural county because it sits on the feet of Mt. Elgon. It is a food basket for the neighboring county. Some of their main economic activities include maize, sugar, coffee, and potato farming. Other crops grown in the area include cotton, sunflower, and beans. Sitting on the major highways connecting Kenya and Uganda, Bungoma is also a trading county. It is home to Webuye Pan Paper Mill, BAT Malakisi, and Nzoia Sugar Factory.

Some of the most rewarding tourism attractions in Bungoma County include Mt. Elgon National Park, Mount Elgon Water Falls, Nabuyole Falls, Chetambe Falls, Sang’alo Hills, and Lorio Rocks/Hills. Chetambe Fort Ruins will give you a history lesson on the regions resistance to colonialism. Elijah Masinde Mausoleum brings you to touch with the rich spiritual history of the people of Bungoma. Mwambale wa Mwanja is believed to the largest granite monolith in Kenya. It is a sacred place for the people of Bungoma and a breeding ground for lizards as well as snakes. Several rivers begin their journey from the rock, merging into the mighty River Nzoia. Spend time to visit Malakisi Falls and Buteyo Miti Park for a scenic experience in the region. Teremi Falls will also give you a unique experience. Bungoma has some of the most rewarding experiences for visitors, giving you a chance to create the best college album and memories.

Here are some of the colleges found in Bungoma County.

African Institute Of Research and Development Studies – AfricanIRDS – Bungoma

Sang’ole Institute of Science and Technology

Musakasa Technical Training Institute

Dominion Training Institute

Bungoma Technical Training Institute

Kenya Medical Training College Webuye

Sacred Training Institute

St. Pauls Kibabii Diploma Teachers Training College

Nabongo Teachers Training College

Kisiwa Technical Training Institute

Visit Bungoma County and enjoy one of the cheapest yet high quality learning environments. It will also give you an excellent experience and memories for your time in Bungoma County.

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