040 Busia County

Busia County is located in the western region of Kenya. On the western side of the county is Uganda. The inland counties bordering Busia are Kakamega, Bungoma, and Siaya. Busia is also on the shores of Lake Victoria. It is one of the most populated counties in the western region. It is home to the Luhya and Teso communities.

Busia is the largest town in the county. It acts as the administrative county as well as the border post for people traveling between Kenya and Uganda. Other significant towns include Bunyala, Amukura, Lugulu, Lugari, and Malaba. You will also find such towns as Nangina, Sirisia, Musoma, and Marach. The towns are served by a decent road network that allows students to move freely. The towns also provide excellent accommodation, electricity, and internet connectivity to support learning.

Busia County is a rich agricultural area. It is one of the main sugar producers in Kenya. Locals are also excellent livestock keepers. Further, The Marach residents are known for pottery and the Marachi Sofas. The shores of Lake Victoria provide an excellent fishing opportunity, contributing to food needs in the region. Being a boarder county and one hosting the ports of the country, it is a trading county. The trucks ferrying goods to countries in the eastern Africa region provide a lot of business to the neighboring counties. Uganda is also a remarkable supplier of goods and consumer of items found in Kenya. Such economic activities guarantee a vibrant environment for residents of Busia County.

Weekends in Busia will be spent visiting some of the best tourism attractions in Kenya. Lake Victoria and its ecosystem offer endless water activities as you sample the source of the longest river in Africa- the Nile River. Some of the places to visit include Kakapel National monument with its rock art, majestic Samia Hills, Kavirondo Series Rocks, Namenya Hills, and Yala Swamp. Sio Siteko Swamp will also capture your imagination alongside Emakina Hills, Chelelemuk Hills, and River Nzoia Delta. With your national ID, you can cross to Uganda and enjoy some of the best preserved natural attractions.

Busia also gives you a chance to visit some of the best tourism attractions in Kenya’s western circuit by traveling easily into the neighboring counties. It is one of the most rewarding counties for students and visitors. Here are some of the best colleges in Kenya found in Busia County.

Bumbe Technical Training Institute

Busia Professional Studies Center

Javan Institute of Technology

Busia Institute of Management and Technology

Busia Professional Studies Center

Visit Busia county and study in some of the best colleges in the country. The county also gives you one of the best college experience.

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