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Siaya County is located in the Nyanza region of Kenya at the Western tip of the country. The neighboring counties are Busia, Kakamega, Vihiga, Homabay, and Kisumu. Part of the shores of Lake Victoria are in Siaya County.

The largest town in Siaya County is Bondo. It also serves as the administrative center for the county government. Other towns include Ukwala, Yala, Ugunja, Siaya, Gem, Alego, and Boro. The county is generously linked with highways and roads that will get you to every corner. These towns are served by such infrastructure as electricity, water, and the internet, providing the perfect study environment.

Siaya is a semi-rural county, making it one of the most affordable places to live for college students. The main economic activities include fishing in Lake Victoria, River Yala and River Nzoia as well as agriculture. The crops grown include rice, tobacco, sugarcane, coffee, and cotton. Siaya county is also a trading hub with fish and other agricultural products being distributed to other parts of the country.

Siaya County provides some of the best tourism attraction sites to occupy your weekends and holidays while studying. Boat and fishing trips in Lake Victoria will help you to create the best memories. The lake also offers numerous islands and beaches to relax during the holidays. Yala Swamp is also located in Siaya, providing bird watchers with a paradise to build memories.

Hikers have Got Ramogi Hills to climb from where they can see an extensive Nyanza region and savor the Luo culture. Lake Kanyaboli is the second largest of its kind in Africa and a paradise for bird watchers, picnickers, and fishing tourists. The Jaramogi Oginga Ondinga Musoleum is also found in Siaya County. Kogelo Cultural Center is home for international tourists coming to see the home of President Obamba, the 44th President of USA. Ndanu Falls will add a new dimension to the aqua experience in Siaya County. The tourism experience is endless in Siaya County.

Here are some of the best colleges in Siaya County

Kenya Medical Training College Siaya

Siaya Institute of Technology

Boi Vocational Training Center

Kako Pasha Center

Bondo Technical Training Institute

St. Joseph Technical Institute for the Deaf

Kenya Medical Training College Bondo

Bondo Teachers Training College

Cambridge Aviation College Yala

Bishop Okullu College

Visit Siaya County and enjoy the best learning experience in a relaxed rural setting that offers world class urban amenities.

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