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Migori County is found in the southern part of the former Nyanza province in western Kenya. It neighbors Homa Bay, Kisii, and Narok counties. It also boarders Tanzania to the west and Uganda through Migingo Island. The county offers a combination of tropical climate and cool breeze from the lack, giving you the best environment. The county got its name from the Luo word for ‘hit yourself’. When the Luo settled there, there were too many mosquitoes that you had to hit yourself to kill the insects.

Migori is the largest town in the county and also serves as the administration center. The county is cosmopolitan, hosting such communities as Suba, Kuria, Joluo, Abagusii, Nubians, Agikuyu, Arabs, Somalis, and Luhya, among others. This provides a habitable environment for students from all nationalities and communities. Some of the other major towns in Migori County include Isebania that is served by A-1 Kenya-Tanzania highway and provides a boarder port of entry into Tanzania. Other significant towns include Rongo, Aneko, Kihancha, Sare, Karungu, and Kabola. Awendo is also known for its sugar production.

Migori is adequately connected with decent roads, electricity, and decent accommodation. Students come from neighboring counties to get education in colleges located in Migori County. The county is also served with fast internet to facilitate learning. There are three airstrips in Migori at Macalder Mines, Kehancha, and Lichota.

Some of the economic activities in Migori County include sugarcane farming, fishing, trade, mining, and manufacturing. The Awendo sugar belt dominates sugar production in Migori. Other crops grown in Migori include beans, sweet potatoes, groundnuts, sorghum, maize, and millet. There is enough affordable food for students who choose to study in Migori.

Migori offers memorable tourist attractions to cover your weekends and holidays while studying. They include Thimlich Ohinga, a prehistoric settlement of the Luo people. Got Kweru is a pilgrimage site for Legio Maria adherents since they buried their founder there. Macalder Gold Mines will help you to understand how gold has been mined for years using traditional methods.

Sori Karungu is the place to go for fish lovers because of its plenty supply and their variety. Nyatike will bring you to Mugabo Caves, a natural rock formation with a house-like feel. Gogo falls is a spillway and prehistoric site in Rapogi, a few kilometers from Migori town. Migori county will give you a rewarding experience while you pursue your academic goals.

Here are some of the best colleges in Nyanza region and Migori county.

Kenya Institute of Finance and Applied Management

Macalder Vocational Training College

Manyatta Youth Polytechnic

Migori Institute of Science and Technology

Ngisiru Vocational Training Center

Ntimaru Youth Polytechnic

Siala Technical Training College

Migori Teachers Training College

Siruti Technical and Vocational College

PEFA Training College Migori

Visit Migori County and explore the endless learning opportunities in its colleges. The colleges offer a wide range of courses, helping you to reach your learning goals.

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