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The initial roots of KAGEU can be traced in Tanzania where the Assemblies of God USA started the Northern Tanganyika Bible School in Arusha in the sixties. Most of our initial KAG Leaders received their ministerial training there. Between September 1975 and 1976 the AG Division of foreign missions decided to shift the Arusha Bible School from Tanzania to Kenya.

The then American AG moderator in Kenya Rev. Delmer Kingsriter had always intended for EAST Africa School of Theology (EAST) to serve as a regional school. He approached the Kenya Government for allocation of land and a seven and a half acres of land in Buru Buru was granted. In early 1978 Morris Williams former USA AG General Superintendent led a group of missionaries and KAG leaders in the groundbreaking ceremony of the new EAST property.

EAST opened its Buru Buru campus in September 1979 with only four buildings at various stages of completion. Rev. Jerry Spain, Principal of ABS moved to Nairobi in October 1979, for the start of a long tenure as Principal of EAST.  In 1980 when he returned to the USA for further studies and itineration Rev. Mike McClain served as the Principal. In April 1981 building of the first phase of EAST was completed and leaders dedicated it to the glory of God.

From the beginning, EAST as a regional school for East and Central Africa as well as practicing an open door for training of ministers for various Pentecostal and Evangelical church organizations.

Academically EAST had an accreditation with ICI (now Global University). On July 25th 1986 twenty five members of the then Commission for High Education came for an inspection tour of EAST. The journey for program accreditation was long and most times awefully challenging. In the year 2000 EAST ceased to be a regional school and became a national school under KAG leadership.  In late 2011 EAST received official communication from CUE that all the three academic programs, on offer then, enjoyed full government recognition. In early 2012 CUE further communicated that the graduate level programs being offered in EAST campus jointly with Global University were also recognized. In 2014 the three ministerial programs offered at EAST received full accreditation by Commission of University Education (CUE)

In mid-2011 the late KAG General Superintendent and Chancellor of EAST Bishop/Dr. Peter Njiri presided over a ground breaking ceremony of a 68 acres piece of land in Kitengela as home of KAG EAST University. The cornerstone of the first building at Kitengela campus was laid 24th Feb 2012 to the glory of God in a memorable ceremony presided over by Bishop/Dr. Peter Njiri.

Rev/Dr. Jeff Nelson vice chancellor between 2008 and 2016 worked tirelessly for full accreditation of EAST by the Kenyan Government and in November 2016. KAG EAST University received its full charter by the Commission of University Education in a ceremony presided over by H.E Uhuru Kenyatta the President of the Republic of Kenya, at State House, Nairobi.

The Kitengela University Campus admitted its first students in January 2015.

Courses offered at KAGEU

  1. Bachelor of Arts Degree in Counselling Psychology
  2. Bachelor of Education Degree (Arts)
  3. Bachelor of Education Degree in Early Childhood Development and Education
  4. Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business Administration
  5. Bachelor of Arts Degree in Community Development
  6. Diploma in Education
  7. Diploma in Early Childhood Development and Education
  8. Diploma in Business Administration
  9. Diploma in Counselling Psychology
  10. Diploma in Community Development
  11. Certificate in Education
  12. Certificate in Early Childhood Development and Education
  13. Certificate in Business Administration
  14. Certificate in Counselling Psychology
  15. Certificate in Community Development
  16. Master of Arts in Ministerial Studies in collaboration with Global University
  17. Bachelor of Bible &Theology in Biblical Studies
  18. Bachelor of Bible & Theology in Intercultural Studies
  19. Bachelor of Bible & Theology in Christian Education
  20. Diploma in Bible & Theology
  21. Certificate in Bible & Theology
  22. Certificate in Next Gen Ministry
  23. Certificate in Local Church Leadership and Management

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