Multimedia University of Kenya (MMU)

Multimedia University of Kenya (MMU) is a chartered public university established by the Kenyan Government under the Universities Act No. 42 of 2012 and the Multimedia University of Kenya Charter 2013.

2013 – Became a fully fledged University.
2008 – Became Multimedia University of Kenya under Legal Notice No. 155 of 2008.
2006 – Became a CCK subsidiary after privatization of TKL.
1999 – Became a subsidiary of Telkom Kenya Ltd. (TKL) due to KPTC splitting into Postal Corporation of Kenya (PCK), Telkom Kenya Ltd and Communications Commission of Kenya.
1992 -Upgraded to Kenya College of Communications Technology (KCCT) under KPTC.

1977 – Control vested in Kenya Posts & Telecommunications Corporation (KPTC) when East African Community collapsed.
1948 – Founded as Central Training School. (CTS) to serve East African Posts Training School.


Currently MMU offers Degree, Diploma and Certificate programmes under

  1. Faculties of Engineering and Technology;
  2. Faculty of Computing Information Technology;
  3. Faculty of Media and Communication;
  4. Faculty of Business and Law; and
  5. Faculty of Science

Undergraduate Courses

Bsc. in Computer Science

Bsc. in Computer Technology

Bsc. Information Technology

Bsc. in Software Engineering

Bsc. Electrical and Telecomms Engineering

Bachelor of Commerce

Bachelor of Procurement

Bachelor of Business Information Technology

Bsc in Actuarial Science

Bachelor of Journalism

Bachelor of Applied Communication

Bachelor of Film and Animation

Bsc in Applied Physics and CS

Bsc in Analytical Chemistry

Bsc in Mathematics and CS

Bsc in Industrial Chemistry

Bsc in Renewable Energy

Bsc in Applied Optics and Lasers

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