Technical University of Mombasa

Technical University of Mombasa (TUM) has passed through three transitional levels to become what it is now. The various phases it has undergone so far reflect the GOK’s concerted efforts in promoting technical, industrial, vocational and entrepreneurship education and training in line with the dynamic technological and industrial growth in Kenya and in Africa.

In the year 1976, MTI transformed to become the Mombasa Polytechnic, becoming the 2nd National Polytechnic in Kenya. The Mombasa Polytechnic continued to develop more market driven programs, anchored on the five established Departments of Business Studies, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Building and Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Applied Sciences.

In a Government strategy to increase access to University education across the Country, the dream to convert the Polytechnic to a University College was realized on 23rd August 2007, through a Legal Notice No. 160, when The Mombasa Polytechnic University College (MPUC) was established.

In 2013 Mombasa polytechnic University College (MPUC) became Technical University of Mombasa after being fully-fledged. The University had two well established Faculties and two Schools namely Faculty of Applied and Health Science and Faculty of Engineering and Technology and School of Humanities and Social Sciences and School of Business Studies. The University has programs running all the way from Masters to certificate level.

Degree Programmes

Bachelor of Business Administration

Bachelor of Business Information Technology

Bachelor of Commerce

Bachelor of Engineering (Building and Civil Engineering)

Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication

Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering

Bachelor of Science in Community Health

Bachelor of Science in Development Studies (Community Development or Project Management option)

Bachelor of Science in Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Bachelor of Science in Food Technology and Quality Assurance

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Computer Science

Bachelor of Science in Marine Resource Management

Bachelor of Science in Statistics and Computer Science

Bachelor of Science in Tourism Management

Bachelor of Technology in Applied Chemistry (Analytical and Industrial Options)

Bachelor of Technology in Applied Physics (Electronics and instrumentation)

Bachelor Of Technology in Information and Communication Technology

Bachelor of Technology in Industrial Microbiology and Biotechnology

Bachelor of Technology in Medical Laboratory Sciences

Bachelor of Technology in Renewable Energy and Environmental Physics

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