The Management University of Africa

Sponsored by the Kenya Institute of Management (KIM), MUA was established in September, 2011 when it got its Letter of Interim Authority (LIA) from the Commission for Higher Education granting it mandate to operate as a University.

The establishment of MUA followed the decision of the sponsor to transform the KIM School of Management into a University. Conceived with the working person in mind, this decision was an appreciation of the working executive’s keen desire to address known and existing problems in the workplace.

The Institute observed that for such problems to be dealt with effectively there was need for leaders who were espoused excellence in business leadership thus leading to positive change.

The Management University of Africa (MUA) is a premier private university that is dedicated towards providing the best higher education in Management, Leadership, Governance and Entrepreneurship, ensuring an entrepreneurial mindset is embedded among our learners.

As an applied and holistic university, MUA offers more than just academic outlook.


Courses offered at The Management University of Africa

Bachelor of Education-Arts (B.Ed. Arts)

Bachelor of Arts in Development Studies

Bachelor of Management and Leadership

Bachelor of Commerce

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